Navan Choral & Instrumental Festival

Rules and Regulations 2024


ü  The closing date for applications is 31st March 2024.  Late applications will not be accepted. Validity of an entry is the responsibility of the entrant. Entry fees must accompany each application form. A separate entry form must be completed for each competition. In the event of insufficient entries, the Board of Directors of Navan Choral & instrumental Festival reserves the right to cancel that competition.


ü  Original sheet music must be presented on the day of the competition.

ü  Competitors will be informed through the website of the time and venue for the various competitions.


ü  Competitors are advised to comply with copyright guidelines. The Board of Directors will not accept responsibility for any action taken later.


ü  Participation in the Festival implies acceptance of all rules and regulations.


ü  The Board of Directors wishes to indicate that the responsibility for the welfare of underage competitors remains with the Parent/Guardian/Teacher/ while attending the Festival.


ü  The Board of Directors of Navan Choral & Instrumental Festival reserves the right to photograph, broadcast live and/or record for subsequent reproduction and /or broadcast, on radio/television/internet, any performance, without payment. All material will be used for promotional purposes only.  It is the duty of all Teachers/Guardians/Choir Directors with members under 18 years of age to ensure that informed consent is sought from young people and their parents/guardians in this regard.


ü  The decision of the Adjudicator is final and no correspondence will be entered into regarding their decision.


ü  The decision of the Board of Directors is final in all other matters.


ü  AGE QUALIFICATION: The date for age qualification for the piano competitions coincides with the closing date for entries i.e. 31st March 2024. Example: If a participants 12th birthday falls on or before the 31st March, this participant must enter the competition for the next age category. If the participants 12th birthday falls after the 31st March, then this qualifies as under 12.


ü  First prize winners in the piano competitions are not eligible to compete in the same age group in subsequent years. (Competitors should move up an age category).